Dam levels dropping in WC despite Easter rains

JOHANNESBURG – The average dam level in the Western Cape continues to fall even though good rainfall was experienced over the Easter weekend.

This is according to the provincial department of local government, environmental affairs and development planning.

It says the average level of dams across the province for April so far is 17.6 percent, compared with the 24.3 percent recorded last year at the same period.

Department spokesman Anton Bredell says the rainfall of the past few weeks is not making a significant impact as dam levels “keep falling, albeit more slowly”.

He says a lot of rain is needed to make a difference.

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“One or two days here and there won’t make much difference … The system has seen three years of below-average rainfall … It is important that the rain falls in our catchment areas."

Bredell has repeated the call for consumers to continue using water sparingly.