Dashcam footage shows smash-and-grab in traffic jam


Motor safety agency Arrive Alive says A smash and grab usually plays on the element of speed and surprise. Motorists can avoid becoming targets of smash and grab crime by staying alert at robots and hiding valuables from view.

JOHANNESBURG - Yet another motorist has fallen victim to a smash-and-grab robber, this time along Witkoppen Road near the Cambridge Road intersection in Paulshof, in the north of Johannesburg.

The daring caper was caught on dashcam by another motorist.

In the footage, a man appears to beg next to the cars stuck in traffic.

As he walks past a white Land Rover Discovery, the robber walks back, looks inside the car, paces himself on the pavement and then throws an object at the window.

He then climbs halfway into the vehicle before running across the road and jumping over a small bridge.

It&39;s not clear if anything was taken.

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