Deploy health workers to deal with pregnancy in schools: Sadtu


September 2 A pregnant student poses on July 29, 2013 in Pretoria at the Pretoria Hospital School specialised in teenage pregnancy.

JOHANNESBURG - Sadtu says the government should deploy health workers to schools to implement a policy to prevent teenage pregnancies.

The union says teachers should not have to take on this responsibility.

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“The policy that we going to come up with should be able to assist and not create problems for any stakeholders. The one point will be to make sure that the interests of our teachers are being taken care of. We will not what a situation where a good policy will be used to the workload of the teachers. We must also appreciate that teachers are not health professionals,” said Sadtu deputy general secretary, Nkosana Dolopi.

“We will not want any policy that would want to convert teachers from being teachers and push them to health or social workers. That will be something we&39;ll be guarding as we are about to participate around the foundation of the policy,” Dolopi added.