Durban pastor denied bail again


Supporters of a Nigerian pastor, accused of sexually assaulting girls rally outside the Port Elizabeth Regional Court during the televangelists bail hearing on August 30, 2017 in Port Elizabeth.

JOHANNESBURG – The controversial Durban-based pastor accused of sexually assaulting more than 30 girls has been denied bail for the second time by the Port Elizabeth Magistrate's court.

Magistrate Thandeka Mashiyi found that the pastor failed to present new facts.

Mashiyi said he's now been formally charged with being in the country illegally and nothing new has come to the fore regarding his application to have his work permit extended.

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The pastor's legal team told the court he should be released because over 100 homeless people fed by his church are suffering, and the church's debts are not being paid.

The case has been postponed to the first of November.

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson, Tsepo Ndwalaza said: “We feel vindicated as the NPA because we have been saying this is a man who has a case to answer in a court of law and he has applied for bail the second time and for the second time the court has also shown us they have confidence in the NPA.”