Durban taxi strike leaves commuters stranded


A taxi get impounded in Durban on Tuesday, 22 September 2015

DURBAN – Commuters have been left stranded in Durban after taxi drivers embarked on a strike on Wednesday morning.

Taxi owners have cited victimisation by carmaker Toyota, banks and insurance companies for downing tools.


The strike has led to the closure of a couple of routes in the city. 

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Taxi owners are aggrieved at the amount of money they are being charged for productions and services rendered to them for their vehicles.

“There comes a time where talking is no longer effective, that means we have to take action and that is position that the taxi industry finds itself now, where the taxi industry says it's tired of talking and it is now time for action,” said TaxiChoice chief operating officer Thulani Qwabe.

“That is the only way that the taxi industry feels that they are going to achieve any change.



“So what do you we want to change? The status quo in terms of the value chain, in terms of how it is owned and how we pay for certain products and services. The amounts that we pay for certain products and services are not acceptable to the taxi industry and it is not sustainable.

“The prices of the vehicles, the industry feels that they are exorbitant, the insurance premiums are too high, the interest rates are unreasonable and the tracker fees are unacceptable.”

Warwick Avenue, South side of SAPREF, Nandi Drive have been blocked off. Traffic on the N2 Southbound at Mvoti toll has been slowed down.








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