EFF branding is on the right track

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Agang will be up against established brands in the upcoming election.

These newly established parties will be competing to win the attention and trust of voters.

According to analysts, EFF is steps ahead of Agang when it comes to branding.

“Malema is a charismatic figure. Secondly, they have done brilliant branding very quickly in the sense of the red berets and the red outfits,” said Marketing and Communications strategist, Clive Simpkins.

“If I go and look in contrast to Mamphela Ramphele and I look at her launch she was dressed in a beige suit. I still don&39;t know what the colour of the party is because I looked at everybody&39;s t-shirt and there were two or three colours,” said Simpkins.

Political analyst Aubrey Matshiqi agrees that the EFF has won this particular power struggle

“There is a sense of energy about the campaign of the EFF, yes it is still early. But you don&39;t see the same kind of energy, the same kind of promise when it comes to Agang,” said Matshiqi.

Agang is changing its image but won’t say whether its looking at a full re-launch of its colours and logo.

“We are building from being a platform into a party, now into a machinery ready to go into the election. Fundamental to that, the thing that you will see remaining it’s the colours of the flag. We are very proud to be carrying the flag of South Africa," said Agang’s Political Director, Moeketsi Mosola.