EFF manifesto: Malema puts his foot down

Johannesburg - Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema launched his party&39;s election manifesto to multitudes of supporters who gathered in Tembisa on Saturday.

A poltiical party&39;s election manifesto tells the nation what policies and intentions the party has developed to potentially rule the country through.

At his address on Saturday, Malema said: "Now is the time for real freedom." He addressed contentious issues in South Africa including land ownership, the nationalisation of mines, education and corruption and the local economy.

Malema said he wanted to see a South Africa that produced consumables locally. He said he wanted exports to be so pricey, that South Africans had no other option but to develop products here.

eNCA has packaged Malema&39;s address in various parts. These can all be watched in the gallery above.

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