BLOG: eNCA is TryingForTrevor Noah


eNCA's Yusuf Omar and his wife with Trevor Noah five years ago.

JOHANNESBURG - Like most South Africans, eNCA is proud of Trevor Noah hosting The Daily Show.

South Africans would like to attend the opening night on September 28 in New York, but very few have received media invites. So, in a bid to get media access, we are asking the public to help us gain access to the event.

29 September:

Great excitement as Trevor Noah presents his first show. Yusuf Omar was there.


28 September:



26 September:



Mission Accomplished!



25 September:










22 September:







21 September:


eNCA&39;s Yusuf Omar found Trevor Noah ... well, sort of.



20 September:


eNCA&39;s Yusuf Omar has landed in New York. He&39;ll be attending the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly, while hunting for Trevor Noah in his spare time. 

This was his experience at John F. Kennedy International Airport.


"When did you last visit Pakistan?"


I&39;m strangely not surprised to be separated from my wife, and interrogated for almost two hours on arrival to New York.

"Have you ever trained in Pakistan?"

Again, I&39;ve never been to Pakistan. I&39;m actually of Indian origin, but I haven&39;t been there either

*Chuckles* "You&39;re an Indian, who has never been to India?"

Well sir, when did you last visit West Africa?

*Laughs out loud*

"Have you ever fired a weapon?"

Yes! Once. In California. It was a Glock, like the one strapped to your waist.

"Why did you use a firearm?"

For fun, at a shooting range. Isn&39;t that what you do for fun here?

"Do you have a license?"

Yes, I&39;ve been driving for seven years now.

"No, a gun license?"

Nope, and they even let me fire an assault rifle!

"What countries have you visited?"

Since birth?

"Recently...the last five years?"

How much time do you have? Check my passport visas. Wait, surely you know all this already?


China, Turkey, Germany, Vietnam, Egypt, Saudi... Any red flags yet? Oh, Ethiopia and Senegal too. You really should visit Africa.

"How long is your vacation?"

I&39;m not on vacation.

"How long will you be in the States?"

Till the end of the United Nations General Assembly."

"Any other work?"

Yes - Trevor Noah&39;s opening night on The Daily Show.

"You have tickets?"

No. I&39;m TryingForTrevor


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