Eskom is lying: Treasury procurement officer


The offices of the National Treasury of South Africa are located in Pretoria.

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom is lying.

That is the blatant statement from the Treasury&39;s chief procurement officer Kenneth Brown. 

He was responding to the power utlity&39;s  assertion that it was co-operating with Treasury in its probe of coal contracts.

Brown told eNCA on Monday night: “It’s a pity that one state institution must talk about the other state institution like this. "Let me put it blatantly, Eskom is lying!

"We can release letters they have written to us asking for extensions. We have written letters that they have written to us... we have written letters to them where we have said we want certain information. So we have not received many of the information that we wanted from Eskom to conclude the work that we’re busy with here.”

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