Eskom project to beef up local nuclear resources


Power lines lead from the Koeberg power facility in Cape Town, South Africa 20 April 2011. Koeberg power station is the only nuclear power station on the African continent.

JOHANNESBURG - Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown says she&39;s confident that Eskom has the capacity to provide all forms of energy. 

She was speaking the launch of the Nuclear Operator Pipeline project at the Koeberg Nuclear Power station on Thursday.

The utility has recruited over a hundred youngsters to beef up local resources to support the country’s electricity demand.

Brown says Eskom&39;s good build programme is progressing well.

“Eskom is 95 percent of provider of electricity of the country so it’s a natural contender, you know they have to build capacity to serve all forms of power generation whether it’s nuclear, whether it is renewable energy whether it’s coal powered energy that’s what Eskom has to do," she said.

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