UPDATE: At least 80 injured in Ennerdale train incident


Three people have are seriously injured and five others are being treated for minor injuries after a train at the Doorfontien station derailed.

The number of injured was updated to reflect the latest annoucement from Prasa

JOHANNESBURG – At least 80 people were injured on Friday evening after some commuters climbed off a moving train at Ennerdale Station.

It is unclear at this time what caused the incident but passenger rail agency Prasa says it was likely caused by an electrical fault.

A loud noise and sparks caused commuters to panic and jump from the moving train.

Metrorail has provided an update on the status of the injured.

Andries Rebekane, Metrorail Operations Manager said, "Of all of them, only six are still left in hospital and the rest have been released. The greater number that has been released were minor injuries. They were just referred to hospital for observation and the remaining ones a bit serious injuries."

Netcare 911 media liaison officer Chris Botha was on the scene on Friday evening. 

“Friday evening at around 19h00 Netcare 911 paramedics received a call for a train accident in Johannesburg."

“Several ambulances and advanced life support paramedics were dispatched to the scene at Ennerdale Station to assist with the injured.

“When paramedics arrived they found that the train did not crash or derail at all. Reports indicate that for reasons still to be investigated the brakes seem to have locked causing people to fall. In the panic it appears that some of the commuters jumped from the moving train.”

“After triaging the injured medics found that an estimated 120 people sustained injuries ranging from serious to minor. Paramedics from various services treated the inured at the scene before they transported them to hospitals in the area for further medical care.”

Earlier this year, more than 200 people were injured when two trains travelling on the same lane crashed at Booysens, south of Johannesburg.

Metrorail faces a challenge of railway infrastructure ageing and not enough maintenance being done.