eTAXI TALK: #ANC105 - 'Can't replace mafia with mafia'


Commuters discuss higher education fees and the ongoing #Fees2017 protests.

JOHANNESBURG - ANC president Jacob Zuma recently told thousands at Orlando Stadium that the party is ready to correct its past mistakes.

Zuma called on ANC members to end factional fights, root out corruption and to strengthen the tripartite alliance in a bid to improve the lives of all South Africans.

“We must build a listening and caring ANC. We accept that we’ve made mistakes and we shall correct them,” Zuma said.

With the ANC elective conference on the horizon, many wonder how many will heed Zuma’s call and if the ANC will emerge as a united front after December 2017.

In this week’s edition of eTAXI Talk commuters share their views about the ANC celebrating 105 years and its upcoming elective conference.