Expert cannot rule out possibility Van Breda faked his blackout


Henri van Breda pictured in court on Monday, 24 April 2015.

CAPE TOWN - A neurosurgeon says he cannot rule out the possibility that triple murder accused Henri van Breda faked his blackout.

Dr Michael du Trevou, the second witness called by the defence, testified about Van Breda’s loss of consciousness.

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Van Breda claims he lost consciousness for over two hours after his family was attacked.

Trevou says he cannot speculate on whether Van Breda was unconscious or simply could not recall the events.

“There is no means of knowing whether the two hours and forty minutes he lost was due to loss of consciousness or loss of memory. I agree with advocate Galloway, to lose consciousness for two hours forty minutes would be indicative of a fairly severe brain injury, whereas post-traumatic amnesia of two hours 40 would be less significant,” he said.