Education department identifies victim in learners assault video


File image of school desks

LIMPOPO -  The Limpopo Department of Education has released a statement on Wednesday, clarifying the facts about a video, circulating on social media, showing a violent altercation involving school children in the province.

VIDEO: GDE investigates pupil after teacher attack

The incident, recorded on video showed two learners in school uniform, repeatedly kicking another person.

Social media speculators "falsely" stated the video showed two learners assaulting a teacher who had confiscated a cellphone belonging to one of the learners.

In a statement, the department said the two learners are siblings and were attacking a fellow learner who had changed out of her school uniform.

It said the school confirmed to the DoE that no educator had been assaulted.

Disciplinary action is reportedly being taken against the two learners in the video.

MEC for Education, Ishmael Kgetjepe commented, "we view this kind of conduct in a very serious light as these learners have brought the school into disrepute."