Family to traverse Africa fueled by cooking oil

Family to traverse Africa fueled by cooking oil

Mark Sampson, his wife and two children are aiming to travel through Africa in a truck, powered by nothing more than cooking oil. And they want to drive their way into the record books in the process.

Travelling long distances in a car with the whole family can be a painful experience for some. However, for Mark Sampson, Sam Pearce and their kids Ruby and Zola, travelling across 40 countries over 30 months in their seven by four metre, ten ton &39;green&39; truck is going to be all worth it for the chance to spread the word of sustainable living, meet new people and hopefully break a Guinness world record.

The family is on a mission to find out whether Africa can show the world how to cope with climate change.

With the world&39;s ecological clock ticking and the trip traveling clockwise around Africa, the adventure has been dubbed &39;Africa Clockwise&39;.

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