Fattis Mansions residents demand to be allowed back


The sheriff of the South Gauteng High Court executed an order, assisted by the Red Ants, to evict people from Fattis Mansions in downtown Johannesburg. belongings lying on the street.

JOHANNESBURG – Some residents of Johannesburg's Fattis Mansions want to be allowed back into the building.

They say they're legal owners of some of the units and don't understand why they've been evicted.

However, the City of Johannesburg says it's done everything possible to assist residents.

It's dismissed claims that it hasn't provided water and ablution facilities.

So far, authorities have only been able to house them in tents.

Nonhlanhla Mabuza, a mother of three has been left distressed and worried.

She wants to know what will happen when her kids return home from the winter holidays.

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“I need a safe place for my children and I. Schools are opening next week. So how am I going to send for my kids in Ficksburg. It's not nice being here at all.”

Those evicted from Fatti's Mansions have joined hundreds of others who were displaced in the deadly fire at Cape York building a few weeks ago.

Officials from the Socio Economic RightsInstitutee of South Africa have been busy at work trying to help the residents.

“The City has provided less than it should have supposed, its minimal, the tests that they have put up , were done so late in the night meaning people slept in the cold. Some of the tents were only put up this morning. So they only have four tents and they are not even nearly enough for all our clients… the court ordered them to provide toilets, water and food, they have failed to do that,” said Khululiwe Bhengu of the institute.

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Back at Fatti's Mansions, the property is under heavy guard.

Edward Phehleni says he has nowhere else to go and says he can’t leave his home which he acquired legally.

“I want my RDP unit back. I want it back I won’t go move into a tent. People who stay in tents are those going for picnics,” he said.

The evicted residents have called on authorities to step up efforts to find lasting solutions to the city's housing problems.

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