Trucks torched on N3 near Mooi River Plaza


The N3 highway route between Johannesburg and Durban was closed due to to protest action where 15 trucks were targeted and torched on 29 April 2018.

JOHANNESBURG – The N3 Toll Plaza route near Mooi River, Durban, has been closed due to alleged protest action targeting trucks on Sunday night.

Arrive Alive cautions drivers to be aware of “criminal actions targeting truck drivers on the N3”, states the tweet. 

Police have been deployed to the scene. One person was reportedly critically injured.

WATCH: Protest turns to looting on the N3 highway

This incident follows reports of looting on the N3 highway Toll Plaza in KwaZulu-Natal on 2 April.

Road safety officials have advised that road users traveling on N3 the next few days to avoid traveling in the evening.






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