UPDATE: Strong winds fuel Knysna fires


The N2 has been closed due to a fire. TWITTER / @KnysnaMuni

KNYSNA - The severe weather in the Western Cape has fuelled a blaze at Kruisfontein just outside Knysna on Wednesday morning.

While authorities say a second fire in Eilandskraal could affect people's homes.

They say the fires cover large areas and are being fanned by strong winds.

UPDATE: Cape Town residents warned to avoid roads

The N2 between Knysna and Plettenburg Bay has been closed as both sides of the road have been affected by the Kruisfontein fire.

Spokesperson for the Knysna Municipality Fran Kirsten said the Kruisfontein fire started in the early hours of the morning and firefighters have been battling to contain it since around 4am.

Meanwhile, the suburb of Springveld, just outside Knysna has been evacuated. The city is relocating those affected to a community hall and providing emergency relief.

Several people have been treated for smoke inhalation.

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