Flabba murder-accused claims self-defence


South African Hip Hop pioneer Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi is being laid to rest at the Westbury Cemetery in Johannesburg on Sunday (15 March 2015).

JOHANNESBURG - Sindisiwe Manqele says she killed hip-hop star Nkululeko Flabba Habedi in self-defence.

She&39;s applying for bail at the Alexandra Magistrate&39;s Court following her arrest last week.

Manqele&39;s lawyer has handed in a medical report showing multiple soft tissue injuries.

In her plea, she puts forward should be released on bail as there&39;s no proof that she&39;ll disturb public order.

There is a stronger police presence today than there was during her first court appearance last week.

Angry community members mobbed Manqele&39;s sister last week.

They&39;ve returned this morning to hear the outcome of her bail hearing.

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