Forensic investigator accused of molesting school kids still employed by SAPS


File: The South African Police Service is getting a new cold case unit.

JOHANNESBURG - An investigator who stands accused of sexually assaulting pupils he was meant to be helping is still working in the South African Police Service.

Two grade three pupils accuse him of molesting them.

The forensic investigator had tasked with preparing the children for an upcoming court case.

Pupils at the Soweto primary have previously reported sexual assault involving a scholar patroller.

Last year, a 57-year-old scholar patroller was arrested after he allegedly molested more than 80 pupils at this school.

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Parents are furious.

The Gauteng Education Department is still gauging exactly how many pupils the man allegedly molested.

The Teddy Bear Clinic says those in positions of power have failed the children who&39;ve been traumatised all over again.

Sexual assault charges have been laid against the investigator, but he has not been arrested. 

The suspect&39;s been taken off this case, but remains on the job as a police officer, pending further investigation.