Technology keeps track of gravesites

SOWETO - Funeral service chaos prompted Lebohang Khitsane to come up with an unusual way of helping bereaved families during a difficult time.

Khitsane has found a digital solution that could help with the challenge of locating a burial site due to thousands of unmarked graves.

An average of 120 people are buried at the Avalon Cemetery in Soweto every weekend, which has made visiting gravesites and navigation challenging as some funeral goers lose sight of convoys.

“This QR code is embedded with GPS-coordinates and when people attend funerals, they will never get lost again,” said Khitsane from Bataung Memorial Tombstones.

“They scan the QR code [in] ... the funeral program, it gives them directions to the cemetery and it gives them the option to send [condolences] to the family."

The QR code can be scanned by any smart device that has the free application installed.

The code is then placed on a tombstone at a cost, ensuring that at any time one is able to visit the gravesite after the funeral.