Gauteng RDP housing audit reveals massive irregularities

File: The housing is aimed at people who earn between R1,500 and R15,000 a month.

File: The housing is aimed at people who earn between R1,500 and R15,000 a month.

JOHANNESBURG – An audit of the RDP housing situation in Gauteng has revealed mass irregularities, costing the province billions of rand.

From errant suppliers to evidence of collusion with officials, the housing MEC has vowed to root out the rot.

One of the solutions is to rework the housing model that will include mixed developments.

It was a housing backlog of R800,000 that prompted the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements to create a mega housing development, one that caters not only for low-income earners.

"We also want to make sure we don’t just build houses for people below R3,500. We’ve got integrated bond stock, semi subsidy, what we call people in the housing gap market, and of course rental for different segments,” said Housing MEC Jacob Mamabolo.

After years of financial mismanagement and administrative inefficiencies, the current MEC is determined to turn things around.

He wants to know how and why R2,6-billion was spent irregularly.

“I’ve been surprised by the number of people that voluntarily resigned since I got here. I’ve lost two DDGs (deputy directors general) voluntarily, I’ve lost a guy who acted as CFO (chief financial officer) and was head of supply chain. We ask people questions and they realise they don’t have answers," Mamabolo said.

The department is also cracking the whip on suppliers, saying those who are not performing will not be part of the delivery of the mega human settlement projects.

“I’ve written letters to all the companies to say have you submitted your invoices and if so how much? How many houses did you give us since the 1st of April till today?" Mamabolo added.

So far 10,000 housing units have been built in the first half of this year – up from 16,000 built over 12 months in the 2014/2015 financial year.

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