WATCH: Gauteng suspended health head testifies: Life Esidimeni


Suspended Gauteng health boss, Dr Barney Selebano, will appear before the Life Esidimeni arbitration hearings on Tuesday. On Mondaythe High Court dismissed his application to have his subpoena to testify, set aside.



Editor’s note:  This live stream has ended. You may watch the recording above.

JOHANNESBURG - The Life Esidimeni Arbitration hearings  continued on Tuesday, with Gauteng&39;s suspended head of health, Dr Barney Selebano, taking to the stand.



Selebano said his department was always under financial pressure and costs were always the biggest challenge for any HOD in the country.

Relatives of psychiatric patients who survived the Life Esidimeni relocation project want reassurances the tragedy will never be repeated.



143 people died and dozens more remain unaccounted for after the Gauteng Health Department moved the patients to unlicensed NGOs.



“When our beloved were moved from Life Esidimeni it was because the contract was not extended, now that my sister and others are moved back to Life Esisidimeni, a concern is this, does the government have a contract with Life Esidimeni now and for how long so that we know that we are safe, we don’t want to hear again that it is closing. Is it cheaper now&39;&39;, said Lesego Baloyi, Relative of Patient.