Gay pride parade to go ahead despite George mayor's utterances


"Gay Pride flag"

GEORGE - The first ever gay pride parade will go ahead as scheduled in the small Western Cape Town of George on Tuesday.

The event will culminate in a performance by America&39;s Boston Gay Men&39;s Choir.

Alleged homophobic utterances against the choir&39;s appearance have landed Mayor Melvin Naik in trouble.

He faces action by the DA&39;s Federal Legal Commission for bringing the party into disrepute.

Speaking on a local Christian radio station, Naik reportedly said that he doesn&39;t approve of the visit by the Boston Gay Men&39;s Choir because of his Christian beliefs.

And although he holds certain beliefs about the LGBTI community, he isn&39;t discriminating against the gay men.

Last week, the ACDP&39;s Ferlon Christians faced a barrage of heckles in the provincial legislature after he&39;d come out in support of the George mayor.

Despite the ruckus, the choir&39;s itinerary remains unchanged. They&39;re scheduled to visit Cape Town next.