Gigaba calls out officials over same sex marriages


Public Enterprises minister Malusi Gigaba apologised to South Africans for last weeks power cuts.

JOHANESBURG - Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba wants officials who deliberately frustrate the process of registering same sex marriages, to be called to account.

He&39;s met with the Lesbian Gay, Bisexual Transgender and Intersexed communities.

He&39;s set up a task team to look at how members can be assisted efficiently at Home Affairs offices.

Gigaba says the law may have to change.

Two years ago Johannesburg transgender woman, Nadia Swanepoel went on a hunger strike, to force Home Affairs to recognise that she is not a man.

Despite undergoing medical sex reassignment, she says Home Affairs refuses to give her an ID that reflects her new identity.

Swanepoel said, "They said they won&39;t do it because I haven&39;t undergone any surgical changes to my body."

Joshua Sehoole of the IRANTI-ORG Activist Organisation said, “The inability of people to get the correct ID impacts on a whole array of rights to education, employment and freedom of movement."

The department admits that its systems need a revamp.

Gigaba also gave a stern warning to those officials who refuse to change their behaviour or perceptions.

"When people come to get married and officials ask them to provide proof that they are gay, what type of proof are you asking for? It’s a clear blatant malicious violation of laws and constitution itself so we need as the department to react in a manner that imposes penalty on wrong doing."

The department plans to also publish names of Home Affairs offices where same sex marriages can be registered.