NPA head may review Gordhan charges


Johannesburg, 11 October 2016 - Pravin Gordhan says the prosecution appears calculated to maximise the damage on consumers and the processes of government. But Gordhan says he'll cooperate fully with the probe.

JOHANNESBURG – National Prosecuting Authority head, Shaun Abrahams says he is willing to review the charges against Gordhan, if he was asked to do so.

Abrahams told Parliament's Justice Committee that he could relook the current charges against the minister, Oupa Magashula and Ivan Pillay before they appear in court.

He again emphasised that the charges were not politically motivated.

“I specifically went into the legal requirements. I did so because I’m more than willing to review any matter if somebody applies to me to review that matter."

"Now Minister Pravin Gordhan can submit representations to me to review that matter. And I will certainly look into the matter.”

Meanwhile, Constitutional law expert Pierre De Vos says he doubts the two fraud charges brought against Gordhan will stick.

De Vos believes the minister will unlikely be successfully prosecuted because of the nature of his charges.

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Gordhan has been accused of approving the early-retirement package for former Sars Deputy Commissioner Ivan Pillay, and then extending his contract.

“So this is actually allowed in the Act itself… the law allows the minister to grant somebody early retirement and then to waive the penalty they would have paid on their pension,” De Vos said.