Half naked murdered woman: Police still in dark months later


"Police crime scene tape. Do not enter."

"Police crime scene tape. Do not enter."


"Police crime scene tape. Do not enter."

"Police crime scene tape. Do not enter."

JOHANNESBURG – Two months after a grandmother was found half naked and dead with massive head injuries, police say they still don’t know her cause of death.

Anna Eiman was found dead with her underwear missing but police say they aren’t sure if she was raped. They say they are still waiting for Eiman’s post mortem results to determine whether any of the men she was last seen with could be charged for her murder.

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One of those men is believed to be a convicted murderer, who had been released from prison.

The Victim's Nephew Klaas Jordaan has recalled the day she received a chilling phone call on upon the news of her aunt’s death.

“As I came in, I found her lying on her stomach with her head down. So I came in and she was naked, her dress was pulled up…only when the paramedics came and they lifted her head, I saw she was knocked with a brick or something, because she was bleeding that time,” she explained.

Anna’s common law husband who was in Durban for work at the time of her wife’s death said he knows the men she was last seen with, one of whom is allegedly a convicted murderer.

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“They don’t greet me like they always greeted me. They don’t talk like they always talked before. When they see us, they run away,” said  Van der Linde who says his wife’s death still keeps him awake at night.

Anna’s family believes she was raped and murdered however police are yet to get the post mortem report.

According to police spokesperson Lungelo  Dlamini "post mortem results are normally available within two weeks" however he could not explain why Einman's post mortem is still outstanding, allowing her suspected killers to walk free.

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“All the allegations are saying that those people who were seen with the victim earlier they might be the suspects that murdered her. But at this stage, we don’t have conclusive evidence to link them to the case,” said Dlamini.