Hani killer fights for his freedom


File: Polish driver and AWB affiliate Janusz Walus shot and killed Chris Hani in 1993. He has recently taken government to court in a bid to fight for his release.

JOHANNESBURG – Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha says he needs another year to reconsider whether Janusz Walu? the man who shot and killed Chris Hani should be released.

Walu? who has been incarcerated at the Kgosi Mampuru prison for more than two decades, is not accepting the minister’s decision and is taking the correctional services to court.

His lawyer says his client was eligible for release six years ago and he is accusing the government of keeping him behind bars for political reasons.

After a protracted court battle, Chris Hani murder mastermind Clive Derby-Lewis was finally granted medical parole in March 2015.

Despite repeated recommendations that Walu? be released, Masutha has refused to approve his parole, saying it&39;s crucial that he apologise’s to Hani’s widow Limpho Hani.

However Limpho has made it clear that she doesn&39;t believe her husband’s killers have told the full truth.

Given her stance and the minister&39;s conditions, Walu?’s lawyer says it&39;s unlikely his client will get parole.

Julian Knight, Walu?’s Attorney said, “It creates an impossibility of performance and that would be the basis on which a review would be bought. There seems to be a political motive in singling him out for a different treatment than other prisoners.”

Masutha’s spokesperson says he will fight Walu?’s court bid for freedom – and denies the allegations of political interference.