Health minister 'saddened' by Mbeki's views


Thabo Mbeki gives a speech at the opening of the 52nd African National Congress conference 16 December 2007 in Polokwane.

JOHANNESBURG - Former President Thabo Mbeki&39;s HIV and Aids stance is back in the spotlight.

In his weekly letters, Mbeki reiterated his controversial beliefs, claiming HIV-related deaths were lower than some other diseases on the 2006 list of killer diseases in South Africa.

Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi strongly disagrees with Mbeki&39;s stance.

"It&39;s a great tragedy, you feel like crying because president Thabo Mbeki is an international statesman, very brilliant," said Motsoaledi.

"When he starts making these kind type of blunders and mistakes it breaks your heart, destroys you inside because he&39;s not supposed to be at that level."

* Watch the interview with Motsoaledi in the gallery above.

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