Heatwave conditions for north-eastern parts of South Africa



JOHANNESBURG – After persistent rains recently which resulted in fatal floods for Gauteng, the heatwave has returned.

The South African Weather Service has issued a Special Weather Advisory for heatwave conditions for the northern parts of the Northern Cape, North West, Free State and Gauteng, with persistently hot temperatures at least until Thursday.

In Gauteng, temperatures in Johannesburg will be around early 30 degrees Celsius while the capital is expected to reach the mid-30 degrees Celsius.

Cities in the North West and Northern Cape provinces will reach soaring maximums of nearly 40 degrees Celsius with Kimberly and Upington clocking 40 and 41 degrees respectively.

The South African Weather Service has advised people to stay indoors in a well-ventilated or air conditioned room, if working outside, wear protective clothing (head-gear, etc) and take breaks at regular intervals, avoid playing excessive sports or doing hard labour, dress in light weight clothes, drink plenty of liquids (not alcohol), outside playtime for children must be limited or prohibited between 9am and 4pm and take extra care of the old and infirm.

A heatwave is when the temperature is five degrees Celsius or more above the average maximum temperature for the hottest month for at least three days.