WATCH: Spur bans man after heated altercation in restaurant


A screen grab from a video shows a man who has an altercation with a woman at a Spur restaurant.

A screen grab from a video shows a man who has an altercation with a woman at a Spur restaurant.

JOHANNESBURG – Spur Steak Ranches on Tuesday banned a male customer from all its chain restaurants after he was involved in a altercation with a female patron at one of its restaurants in Johannesburg.

The heated exchange which included profanities, occurred in front of small children at Texamo Spur at The Glen Shopping Mall, south of Johannesburg, on Sunday. The incident was captured on video and has since gone viral on social media.

In a statement on Tuesday, Spur said it was “very disappointed” that children were exposed to “this type of behaviour” and assured the public and its customers that it would not be taking the incident lightly.

“The man in the video is not welcome at any Spur restaurant nationally. We do not condone any forms of violence against women or children, irrespective of the circumstances,” Spur said.



The female patron, who is a nurse employed by the City of Johannesburg, posted a video of the altercation on Facebook. She said she was disappointed with how the restaurant staff and management handled the incident.

She was having a meal with her family and several kids at the restaurant when the incident occurred. They had been celebrating the birthday of one of the children.

In the video a White man is seen approaching the woman’s table and can be heard hurling insults. He accuses her child of hitting his daughter. She stands up and confronts the man, accusing him of acting in a bullying manner, and a verbal exchange ensues.

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The White male threatens to “klap” her if she does not discipline her child. He appears to be restrained by his partner. They seem to be leaving, when suddenly the man turns back and grabs and shakess the table, causing plates to fall to the ground.

Other patrons eventually step in to calm him down until he leaves the area.

“And this was suppose to be a birthday lunch for a three-year-old … and this is what transpired at The Glen Spur … Disappointed with the Spur staff and manager,” posted the woman.

Spur said it had investigated the incident after being alerted to the video.

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“Upon viewing the video content that’s been circulated on Social Media we are shocked at the adults for behaving in the manner they did, especially with so many children around. As a family restaurant, Spur does not condone this type of behaviour,” Spur said.

“We have investigated the incident with Texamo Spur staff and management, who expressed that they did in fact try to intervene, but were pushed away numerous times by the angry male customer. As soon as the incident escalated, Texamo Spur staff notified The Glen Shopping Mall security.”

The video of the incident has caused an outpouring of anger on Twitter and Facebook with people wanting Spur to name and shame the offending White male.