HIV/Aids holy water cure put to the test

DURBAN - The Treatment Action Campaign wants the so-called &39;holy water&39; to go under the microscope.
Rebirth Family Church&39;s Bishop Hamilton Nala claims he can cure HIV with water that he sells for at least R10.
Five of his followers have come forward claiming the remedy works, but activists are now calling for clinical tests. 
Bishop Nala is embroiled in controversy after claiming to heal HIV/Aids using holy water.
Activism group the Treatment Action Campaign wants Nala’s miracle remedy tested in a clinical trial.
“We are calling for a thorough investigation because we have seen people saying Bishop Nala has prayed for me and I am healed," said TAC&39;s Mzamo Zondi.
But the priest says the tests won&39;t make a difference to his followers.
“They must say medically there is no cure for Aids. I agree with that, but through prayer and through faith water and any material branded my name, as God said prophetically, I believe in that. People can be healed of Aids," said Nala.
The TAC has warned that if the so-called holy water fails the clinical trials, it will push for Nala to be arrested.
"Nala must be charged, Nala must be arrested, and anyone who is claiming to heal HIV without medication that has gone to clinical trials and has gone via the Medicines Control Council. That one must be arrested,” said Zondi.
Meanwhile, the bishop has asked his followers not to get him into trouble with the law by continuing to take their ARV medication as well as his mirable water.

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