WATCH: Hlaudi uses Mandoza funeral to lash his own critics


Suspended SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng speaks 90 percent about himself and 10 percent about Mandoza at Mandoza's funeral. PICTURED: Hlaudi Motsoeneng

Watch Mandoza&39;s funeral service here

JOHANNESBURG - Suspended South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng took to the podium at the funeral of kwaito legend Mandoza and instead of talking about the deceased, used the platform to blast his critics.

The broadcasting heavyweight said: "You cannot decide for my future, I will decide. If I left the SABC it will not be the first time. Hlaudi is stress-free.

"When people were saying, "Hlaudi is out&39;, you can&39;t decide for my future, I am the only one who can decide my future.”


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“Let me tell you if I leave the SABC it will not be the first time. I have left before and I came back stronger and stronger.”

Motsoeneng has lost his position as chief operating officer at the public broadcaster after the courts ruled his appointment irrational and invalid.

He and the SABC have been in the spotlight this year after Motsoeneng banned coverage of violent protests and journalists at the broadcaster were fired for questioning this decions.

The suspended chief operating officer spoke about transformation, plugging his ruling that 90% of content  on SABC radio stations be local. 

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"Because introducing 90%, there are divisions among artists. For the sake of Mandoza you need unity. If you are not united you will not be able to transform. 

"You know when people talk about transformation, they speak English;  when I talk about transformation, I don’t speak English, I speak implementation."

Motsoeneng said: "For some of us, intelligence is in our blood."

He continued on his tangent for longer than the organisers anticipated and when one of them tried to cut the SABC boss off, he replied: “Sorry, my brother, give me three more minutes, this is 90%.”


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