Horror dog abuse case shocks Bloemfontein SPCA


Two puppies (pictured) and two dogs were rescued from the "plot of abomination" in Wilgehof, Bloemfontein on 5 August, 2017.

BLOEMFONTEIN – The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Bloemfontein is investigating a case of animal cruelty “on a plot of abomination” after the SPCA came across two dogs eating a third dog’s carcass.

“We found the dogs on a farm in Wilgehof, Bloemfontein,” SPCA senior inspector Reinet Meyer said.

“The two emaciated dogs were so malnourished that they had probably gone for weeks without food. Only the head of the third dog – a boerbul – was lying on the lawn, while its body and legs had already been eaten. Elsewhere in the yard was just a foot of the dog that had been eaten. There was no other food for the animals in the yard and no water was available,” she said.

“When we investigated further, we came across two puppies approximately eight weeks old. The puppies were so terrified and hungry that they could not stand up at all. They were completely dehydrated and their ribs were sticking out.”

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The Bloemfontein SPCA confiscated all the dogs which were now under strict veterinary treatment. A case of animal abuse has been opened against the owner of the animals.

“This is certainly one of the worst cases of animal abuse I have seen in a very long time,” said Meyer.

“To think you are so hungry that you have to eat your partner is really indescribable. The Bloemfontein SPCA views such animal abuse, effectively leading to cannabilism in a very  serious light,” Meyer said.