'House of Horrors' trial: Children to testify


Four children, aged between 12 and 2 years, were allegedly held captive in their own home in Springs, Johannesburg and abused by their parents for years. The parents face charges of rape, sexual assault, child neglect and abuse.

JOHANNESBURG - The trial of the man dubbed the &39;Springs Monster&39; and his wife continues at the North Gauteng High Court on Tuesday.

The couple is facing a sleuth of charges relating to child abuse.

They&39;re also accused of holding their five children captive for many years.

Two of the children are set to testify against their parents.

The state has requested that they testify using an intermediary because they&39;re afraid of their parents.

The North Gauteng High Court has ordered that the couple not be identified, to protect the identity of their four children.

* For more on the story of the house of unspeakable horrors, watch the video report in the gallery above.

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