Human Rights Day a bitter memory for Sharpeville residents

JOHANNESBURG - Residents in the township of Sharpeville, south of Johannesburg, say it is hard to celebrate Human Rights Day.

As South Africans celebrate the March 21, the residents of Sharpeville are remembering the many who were killed while protesting for human rights in 1960.

And some believe those who died on that fateful day, did so in vain.

Today, not much has changed for many Sharpeville residents.

Scores were killed in 1960, when thousands marched against the pass laws, which were designed by the Apartheid government to restrict the movement of black people by forcing them to carry a pass book.

Police opened fire on the protesters, killing 69 people, in what became known as the Sharpeville Massacre.

As we commemorate Human Rights Day, let’s not forget why residents in Sharpeville took to the streets on the 21st of March in 1960.

And let its memory remind us to appreciate the rights that we enjoy today.

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