Police on high alert in Vuwani


IEC officials setting up at one polling station in Vuwani, 3 August 2016.

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VUWANI – As voting gets under way in Vuwani, Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Des van Rooyen says eight polling stations in the area are of concern.

He arrived in the Limpopo town on Wednesday morning and says despite some concerns, he&39;s confident voting will go smoothly.

IEC officials started setting up polling stations in Vuwani just after 7.30am on Wednesday.

Police had to remove rocks from the roads so IEC officials under heavy guard could start working in their voting stations.

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One of the polling stations is Avhatondi Primary School, one of the more than 20 schools that were badly damaged during violent protests in the area in May.

Windows are smashed and school books can still be seen strewn outside.

IEC officials are setting up voting booths outside the damaged classrooms.

More than 40,000 registered voters in the area are expected to cast their ballots.

Meanwhile, there is heavy security across Vuwani and police officers are stationed at various points, including the main road and hills.

The army is also on standby in the troubled town, but authorities say they will do everything possible to make it easy and safe for people to vote.