Ignore the human rights of criminals, Cele tells police


29 October 2014 - Some angry South Africans believe it's time to bring back former police commissioner Bheki Cele, the man who encouraged police officers to shoot to kill.

KWAZULU-NATAL - Ignore the human rights of criminals, Police Minister Bheki Cele is telling his officers.

He was speaking at the funeral of Captain Dumisani Mhlanzi, who was shot and killed during a robbery in KwaMaphumulo, KwaZulu-Natal.

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“Human rights are for people not for animals, because if you take a gun and plan to go and shoot a police officer who is off duty … then you are not a human," Cele said.

"I agree with human rights activists and I know about human rights, but for me, that’s where I draw the line. You now become an animal and we need to treat you like an animal if you behave like an animal. We will treat people like people if they behave like people," said Cele.

The new police minister is known for not mincing his words. He has previously told the police they must shoot to kill if their lives are in danger.

He was national police commissioner at the time.

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