Joburg mayor promises evicted people housing


The sheriff of the South Gauteng High Court executed an order, assisted by the Red Ants, to evict people from Fattis Mansions in downtown Johannesburg. belongings lying on the street.

JOHANNESBURG – Low-cost housing will be provided for displaced residents removed from hijacked buildings, according to Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba.

However, the housing will be provided only to South African citizens and foreigners who are in the country legally.

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"We're not kicking people out, we're just doing the profiling. Because we sit in the city of Johannesburg with lots of people undocumented, we don't know who they are," Mashaba said.

Tensions were high in the Johannesburg CBD on Thursday after the Red Ants evicted illegal occupants of hijacked buildings.

One person was arrested for assaulting a traffic officer who was directing traffic on Harrison Street as illegal occupants were evicted from a hijacked building, following a scuffle between evictees.

Hundreds of men, women and children were left stranded on the street with all their belongings, blocking the way for motorists.

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Mashaba said the city was working with Home Affairs and the police to help find those evicted homes.

"We sit in the city of Johannesburg with lots of people undocumented, we don't know who they are. That is why we are working with Home Affairs, the SAPS, so that when we start making preparations we known who's involved." 

"We will provide accommodation only for our genuine South African people. But obviously [with] foreigners who are here legally we will then need the national government to assist us to find alternative accommodation for them. But what's important that I need South Africans to know, those that don't qualify to be here who are here for criminal activity, we are asking Home Affairs and national government; please get them out of our country," said Mashaba. 

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