I'm scared of you sometimes: Reeva


Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius (L) walks past June Steenkamp (seated, front L), mother of Reeva Steenkamp, as he makes his way to the dock in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria March 24, 2014.

PRETORIA - Incidents of jealousy and angry outbursts by Oscar Pistorius happened on several occasions when he was with his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, who would respond in fear and get extremely upset.

This was revealed by a series of text messages between the Paralympian, who stands accused of murdering the blonde socialite.

The evidence was led in the North Gauteng High Court today by police cellphone expert Captain Francois Moller, who had seized two iPhones, two Blackberries, two iPads and an MacBook computer.

Moller extracted all the information he could find from the devices. A forensic process was used to copy all the data without changing anything.

Two types of extractions were done, he said. The first was a “logical extraction”, detailing all incoming and outgoing calls, messages, chats and photographs.

To print all the information found on Steenkamp’s phone would require 2,688 pages on the logical extraction.

The second extraction done on an iPhone specifically is referred to as a “jail break”, which involves installing a file to pull all deleted information from the phone, Moller explained.

This second report from Steenkamp’s phone would have amounted to 35,654 pages.

Moller said detectives had read through all chats on the phone and found some messages that were “applicable to this case”.

The information on messages found on Steenkamp’s phone between her and Pistorius, which were regarded as relevant to the shooting, amounted to approximately 10 pages of information.

This was handed in to the court.

The first relevant message was a WhatsApp text exchange that took place on January 11, 2013 at 3.03pm.

In it, Pistorius appears to refer to his alleged involvement in the firing of a gun inside Tashas restaurant: “Angel please don’t say a thing to anyone. Darren told everyone it was his fault. I can’t afford for this to come out. They guys have promised not to say anything”.

Steenkamp responded: “I have no idea what you are talking about”, adding a smiley face at the end of her text.

On January 19 at 3.46pm, another exchange of WhatsApp messages took place, the details of which were read out in court:

Steenkamp: “Baba.”

Pistorius: “Yes?”

Steenkamp: “There are a lot of things that could make us both feel like shit.”

Pistorius: “I’m just very honest.”

Steenkamp: “I won’t always think before I say something. Just appreciate I’m not a liar.”

In a long message Pistorius explains that he is upset with Steenkamp for having told him she had smoked marijuana only once, and he had later discovered that it had happened more often.

Steenkamp: “I’m sorry if it upset you. It wasn’t my intention.”

Pistorius: “I do appreciate it. I could never be with someone that was.”

Steenkamp: “Me neither.”

Steenkamp: “I wasn’t a stripper or a ho.”

Steenkamp replies again in a long message that while she has “never been a prude”, she had had a lot of fun but that it was all innocent.

Another exchange onJanuary 27 at 4.17pm read as follows:

Steenkamp: “I am not 100% sure why I am sitting down to type you a message first. But perhaps it says a lot about what’s going on here. Today was one of my best friend’s engagements and I wanted to stay longer. I was enjoying myself but it’s over now. You have picked on me incessantly since you got back from CT and I understand that you are sick, but it’s nasty. Yesterday wasn’t nice for either of us, but we managed to pull thru and communicate well enough to show our care for each other is greater than the drama that attacked us. I was not flirting with anyone today. I feel sick that you suggested that and you made a scene at the table and accused me of that.”

Her message continues as she compares Pistorius regularly talking about the numerous women he has dated, yet gets upset and “throws tantrums” when she refers to past relationships.

She claims to have been upset for two days, saying “I am scared of you” and adds “I am not a bitch trying to kill your vibe, I am the girl who gets sidestepped when you are in a bad mood.” 

She talks of touching his neck to show her care, only to be ordered to stop. She talks of wanting “to love and be loved” and questions that they cannot be this for each other.

Pistorius: “Please let me know when I can call you.”

Steenkamp: “I am here.”

Pistorius: “I want to talk to you. I want to sort this out. I don’t want to have anything less than amazing for you and I. I am sorry for the things I say without thinking and for taking offence to your actions. The fact that I am tired and sick isn’t an excuse. I was upset that you left me after we got food, to go and talk to a guy and I was standing behind you and watching you touch his arm and ignore me. And when I spoke up you introduced me which you could’ve done, but when I left you just kept on chatting to him when I was clearly upset.”

Pistorius goes on to speak about having put a loud track on in his car and questioned why she didn&39;t tell him to turn it off if she didn&39;t like it, as she&39;d later claimed. He also explains that he was 30 minutes late to pick up Steenkamp’s friend, and that she did not like it when he drove fast, adding that the friend "should have driven herself."

He complained of having had a “mad headache” when she had tapped his neck and admits he should have “spoken ... softly” when telling her to stop touching him.

Another WhatsApp exchange on February 8 details a long message from Steenkamp to Pistorius, saying she liked to believe she made him proud when attending functions with him, and that she took care to “present myself well”.

Steenkamp referred to having made her way to the exit ahead of him on one occasion, having realised he wanted to leave but knowing she could not hurry fast in her high heels.

“I regard myself as a lady but I didn’t feel like one tonight” she wrote, explaining that this was because of how he had treated her.

She claimed to do her best to make him happy, but felt unable to no matter how hard she tried.

Steenkamp complained of being attacked by others for being in a relationship with Pistorius, and also by him, adding that she sometimes felt she needed to be protected from him.

Moller said he had downloaded more than 1,000 messages of which 90 percent were “normal chats and loving conversations”.

Court adjourned and Moller will continue giving his evidence tomorrow.