IN PICTURES: Day of Action Malema calls ANC MPs cowards


Thousands of South Africans marched against President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday, the day has been dubbed National Day of Action.

PRETORIA – Opposition parties were out in force on the Day of Action in Pretoria on Wednesday in a mass display of unprecedented unity against the leadership of President Jacob Zuma.

EFF leader Julius Malema used the occasion to label ANC MPs as cowards.

"Members of the ANC in Parliament, we know you are cowards. I worked with all of you, you are cowards. I know all of you, I worked with all of them, they are cowards, but don't worry we are arranging so you are not exposed. General Holomisa is making arrangements so you are not exposed for those cowards of the ANC, so that they can do it secretly without their masters knowing. So cowards of the ANC, we've got you covered," said Malema.

WATCH: Opposition leaders address National Day Of Action protesters

Malema said he was still hoping for a secret ballot during Parliament's motion of no confidence in Zuma, which had been scheduled to take place on April 18.

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