IN TWEETS: Khanyi Mbau defends Dove advert, twitter is not taking it lightly


Superimposed image of one of South Africas celebrities into the original dove advert, Khanyi Mbau, has come out in defense of Dove's advert.

JOHANNESBURG – Unilever’s beauty and personal care brand, Dove, has been dragged by critics for a recent advert that has been slammed as racially insensitive.


Since the release of the advert people have had mixed feelings about the implications the adverts makes. One of South Africa’s celebrities, Khanyi Mbau, has come out in defense of the advert and she has applauded their ‘bravery’.

The full advert shows a looping image of an image of a black women removing her t-shirt revealing a white woman and then an Asian woman.

After watching the video, Mbau said that people who find the advert upsetting should ‘relax’ and not blow the advert out of proportion.





Her response to the advert prompted twitter users to give their opinions about her defense of the advert.







Some users superimposed her face into the advert.



Some said she is fishing for a Dove endorsement.









Some even suggested that Mbau’s skin lightning secret is Dove. 


In past advertising campaigns Dove has tried to take a socially aware stance on beauty but it is clear that they have missed the mark with this advert.



Dove is not new to advert controversy. In 2011 they were also accused to racism for a before and after advert which implied that darker skin was dry and lighter skin was smooth.

South Africa’s Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthetwa also participated in the debate and slammed the advert for its’ racial insensitivity.


Dove has since removed the social media post promoting the advert and they have issued public apologies on all their social media platforms.