Inconsistencies in Henning murder testimony


File: Former Nigerian Olympic athlete Ambrose Monye (L) and Andre Gouws, accused of the murder of Chanelle Henning, appear in the High Court in Pretoria in November 2012.

Pretoria - Former Nigerian Olympic ahtlete and murder accused, Ambrose Monye, admitted to knowing the killers involved in Chenelle Henning&39;s murder.

Henning, 26, was killed in a drive-by shooting in Faerie Glen on November 8, 2011 shortly after dropping her child off at a creche.

However, his muddled explanations on Thursday raised the temperatures of the prosecution.

He assered that he was not lying about his involvement in the alleged murder after changing his version on the stand several times.

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel said his explanations were laughable and repeatedly asked Monye to tell the truth.

The murder accused said he did not recognise the police&39;s indentikit pictures of the killers, Gerhardus du Plessis and Willem Pieterse, four days after the murder.

However, Nel pointed out that in his bail application, Monye had said he knew the men, but not their names.

Earlier, Monye said his co-accused Andre Gouws needed two bouncers for a white nightclub so he had introduced the two killers to Gouws.

Nel accused Monye of trying to invent answers to fit a story he worked out with Gouws to cover up the evidence against them.

Monye also could not explain why he and Gouws had 81 cell phone conversations in the month leading up to the murder, except to say that it was about buying and selling things.

Gouws and Monye have pleaded not guilty to five charges relating to an alleged conspiracy to murder Henning.

Former policeman du Plessis and Pieterse are serving 18-year prison terms after confessing to their roles in the murder.