Intended beneficiary implicates Zuma in Gupta linked farm saga


President Jacob Zuma says African economies are small by global standards and that a collective approach is key for development.

JOHANNESBURG - One of the intended beneficiaries of the Gupta-linked Estina Dairy Project says President Jacob Zuma was among the people who told her organisation they&39;d benefit from the farm.

She says she&39;s so far been a beneficiary only in name.

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"I joined the project back in 2013 and was taken to Pretoria to St George&39;s Hotel, where we met President Jacob Zuma, who told us we&39;d benefit from the project... We are just beneficiaries," she says.

On Saturday the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said it has seized the Gupta-linked Estina diary farm in Vrede in the Free State in a bid to recoup up to R1.6-billion in looted funds.

It also said Atul Gupta&39;s personal bank account will be frozen. 

The NPA alleges that he had received proceeds of crime in cash.