Detective removed from Zuma book case: Pauw


South African veteran investigative Journalist Jacques Pauw looks on as a power failure occurs during the official presentation of his latest book 'The President's Keepers' in Johannesburg, South Africa on November 8, 2017.

JOHANNESBURG - Investigative journalists Jacques Pauw and Pieter-Louis Myburgh will no longer have to report to police in Durban as demanded by Col Reuben Govender.

Pauw confirmed that Govender has just been removed from the case and that there&39;s no threat of arrest.

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The author of The President&39;s Keepers was scathing about the officer and his alleged handler.

According to Pauw, “We would’ve said in our applications and we have evidence that Colonel Govender is a, to put it very lightly and mildly, he’s a very compromised policeman.

"We have found several cases where he has been described as sort of like the pet cop for Roy Moodley, who we have evidence is the complainant against us.

"Moodley is a close associate of President Jacob Zuma, and he’s the man that paid the president the salary while he was president.

"Now there’s evidence that Govender has been acting on behalf of Moodley...He’s been bringing trump of charges against people," said Pauw.