Investigators probe scene of Wonderboom plane crash for clues


Paramedics and emergency services staff gather at the scene of a plane crash at Wonderboom, on the outskirts of Pretoria.

• Editor&39;s note: The attached video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

PRETORIA - It&39;s not yet known what caused a plane to crash into a factory near Wonderboom airport in Pretoria.

One person was killed and at least 18 others injured.

They were airlifted to hospital late into the night. 

An eyewitness took a video of the plane taking off.

Smoke trails can be seen as it leaves the tarmac.

VIDEO: Wonderboom plane crash leaves 1 dead, scores injured

It&39;s believed the two pilots are from the Netherlands and Australia.

The Convair-340 plane -- built in 1954 -- was due to soon be flown to the Aviodrome air museum in the Netherlands.

Images from the site showed the plane broken into several pieces.

Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Kabelo Ledwaba said its investigators were at the scene and would issue a statement.

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