Jayde case: Husband to hear if bail granted


Christopher Panayiotou appears in the Port Elizabeth Magistrates' Court for his bail hearing on May 20, 2015 in Port Elizabeth.

PORT ELIZABETH - Christopher Panayiotou will find out today if he&39;s been granted bail.

He allegedly masterminded -- and paid for -- the murder of his wife Jayde.

(Image: Facebook / Jayde Panayiotou)

It&39;s been more than a month since Jayde Panayiotou was snatched from her home, hit over the head and carried to a field where her body was found a day later.

She&39;d been shot twice in the chest and once in the head.

Christopher Panayiotou faces charges of kidnapping, robbery, murder and defeating the ends of justice.

Prosecutor Marius Stander claims Panayiotou has repeatedly lied to authorities and destroyed evidence.

He says Panayiotou deliberately didn&39;t tell police that he&39;d applied for a Cypriot passport, and is likely to go on the run if he gets bail -- something Magistrate Abigail Beeton needs to consider.

If Panayiotou is granted bail, Stander argues that he must be put under house arrest and be required to report to a police station twice a day.

Panayiotou denies he’s a flight risk.

He has, however, admitted having an affair with an employee – dating back to a year before he married Jayde, but denies that the costs linked to supporting two women drove him to murder.

Panayiotou has also admitted to wiping both his and his mistress&39;s phones after Jayde’s death - not to hide evidence, he claims, but to conceal the affair.

Panayiotou&39;s lawyers remain confident he’ll get bail - despite the state having a video recording of the businessman meeting with the alleged middleman in Jayde’s murder.

In that conversation, Panayiotou complains about the way his wife was attacked, saying it looks like a hit.

Lawyers say that, at worst, the tape shows that Panayiotou was involved in a robbery, not a murder.

They insist there is a plausible explanation for the conversation.

Jayde&39;s family is yet to respond publicly to the claims against her husband.