GALLERY: Xenophobic violence reignites in Jeppestown


April 17, 2015 - A heavy police presence prevails in Jeppestown, downtown Johannesburg on Friday night as xenophobic violence flares up again. Police have fired rubber bullets at the crowd which has retaliated by throwing rocks and scrap metal.

JOHANNESBURG - Hostel dwellers, marching in protest to have foreigners removed from Jeppestown in downtown Johannesburg, pelted journalists with stones and clashed with police on Friday evening.

The hostel dwellers had gathered since the morning, whistling and singing, following overnight looting and violence on Thursday night.

A building and vehicles were also set alight in the area on Thursday night.

eNCA reporter Lenyaro Sello at the scene, said, "The hostel dwellers say their grievance is that they are not being given jobs in the area. The jobs are being given to foreigners and the businesses in the area are also owned by foreigners."

"They believe this is their land and those businesses should belong to them."

Sello said the area is very dark, making it difficult to monitor, but that there is a heavy police presence and everyone is being searched.

"Police have the situation under control. They are out in their numbers," Sello said.

This follows earlier incidents in which police fired rubber bullets to try and disperse the crowd, which was met with retaliation as protesters hurled rocks and scrap metal.

Sello reported that a building also appeared to be on fire as smoke could be seen, but it remains unclear exactly what was burning.

A heavy police presence including riot police and a tactical response team is monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile, the M2 south highway has now been closed due to the continuous battle between the police and a large crowd. 





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