Joburg water shut-off: will you be affected?


JOHANNESBURG, 21 March 2016 - We know that South Africa is facing its worst drought in two decades. What we dont know is that theres a looming public health crisis. While lower income areas tend to be worst affected, the nation as a whole is at risk.?

JOHANNESBURG – Parts of Johannesburg including the deep south, Soweto, Midrand, Sandton, and Randburg will be experiencing evening water restrictions for the immediate future because of high water usage, Johannesburg Water announced on Thursday.

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The council said in a statement: "The intention is to reduce escalating water consumption since the announcement of water restrictions by the Department of Water and Sanitation.

"Johannesburg is still under level 2 water restrictions, despite the recent rainfall. Water levels at the Integrated Vaal River system have not risen sufficiently to above satisfactory levels.

"Technicians will be closing outlet valves of these reservoirs as listed on the attached plan between 8pm to 4am."

Certain areas fed by the Integrated Vaal River System will have no water between those hours until the water supply is stabilised.

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The council explained: "This is a method that we have successfully used to stabilise supply in areas around Lenasia, Northcliff, Fairlands and Blackheath, which were struggling with supply in November 2016. One other factor that contributed to our success in these areas is consumers who have since reduced their consumption significantly."

The Johannesburg metro police are monitoring wasteful water use and have issued 665 fines to people found contravening the water services by-law.

Residents are urged to continue reporting non-compliance by phoning the JMPD 24/7 line: 011 758 9650.

Johannesburg Water thanked all residents and visitors to the city who have heeded the call to save water and urged residents to continue doing so.

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