Jordaan, Trollip face off for Nelson Mandela metro


An election showdown looms in the key metro of Nelson Mandela Bay. Veteran politicians Danny Jordaan and Athol Trollip have been tasked by their respective parties with attracting a voter bloc that's discouraged by maladministration.

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PORT ELIZABETH - Danny Jordaan versus Athol Trollip, the Mayweather-Pacquiao of local elections.

A showdown centred on key metro, Nelson Mandela Bay.

Veterans of the political arena, both tasked with attracting a voter bloc that&39;s discouraged by maladministration, service delivery and crime.

Who is more deserving of the coveted mayoral title?

We compare the two contenders’ scorecards.

* Watch the full video report by Luxolo Mngambi in the gallery above.

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